CP-0111 : CapsulePot™

CapsulePot™ Planting Instruction:

Have you always wanted to grow plants at home but you don’t seem to know how to get started? CapsulePot™ is a wonderful yet simple all-in-one kit to create a mini garden, which brings coziness and glamour to any home or office.

CapsulePot™ comes with a unique basket holding a nursery block that would absorb water and expand up to 6-7 times in height. The nursery block creates not only a porous and well-aerated medium for growth, but also forms a healthy root system for the young plants before transplanting to a larger planter. Just add water and see the magic in the CapsulePot™!

Components of the CapsulePot™ serve the following purposes:

– Capsule Pot: not only a unique eye-catching packaging, but also a mini planter too.

– Basket: not only a traditional basket, but a reusable basket that can be disassembled into two halves by simply pulling apart the basket and remove the nursery block. It makes plant transplanting easier than ever and the most important point is that the basket can be reused for many times.

Additional Information:

  • CapsulePot™ Instruction Sheet
  • www.facebook.com/GreenamicCreative


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