HP-1012K – HydroPro™-12 Modular Hydroponic System

HydroPro™-12 is an innovative Modular Hydroponic & Aquraponic System that provides controlled environment to grow plants using water without using soil. HydroPro™ is a modular design, it can be adapted to fit any space for the field of hydroponic gardening, and overwhelmed with the various types of hydroponic applications: NFT or Nutrient Film Technique System, Ebb and Flow System, as well as Drip System or Top Feed System. The unique water circulation and feeding method in HydroPro™ is a revolutionary design that makes Hydroponics and Aquaponics easy to apply. Taking full advantage of the removable plant baskets, highly oxygenated stream of nutrient solution can be directly fed to the entire root zone.

HydroPro™ is widely used in research on plant nutrition and on the effect of temperature and pH on roots. HydroPro™ can also be used to study the effect of microbes on plant health. HydroPro™ also have obvious value in the field of education and for amateur horticulturist, you can grow flowers or vegetables in a controlled and confined indoor or outdoor envirnment.

Each HydroPro™ Grow Tube consists of 12 Plant Baskets (45mm diameter each) for each Grow Tube (100mm diameter double-layer tube).


  • Stackable (with optional stand)
  • Flexible, Scalable & Expandable
  • Sustainable
  • Space Saving – limit the size of your lawn & land
  • Water Saving – use less water than conventional irrigation
  • ECO-Friendly
  • Acting as an Educational Platform
  • Upgrade to an Aquaponics ECOlogicial system (optional)

** Each HydroPro™ Grow Tube includes 12pcs plant baskets
** Dimension: L 915mm x Diameter 110mm


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