TP-10 : TriPot I™ Self Watering Planter

TriPot I™ is not only a planter, but a stylish, innovative and exceptional planter for your garden, home and office!

TriPot I™ combines beauty with functionality!

Just fill water into the reservoir and your plants will “take care of themselves” for up to 8 weeks !
Why does TriPot I™ stand above other traditional planters?

  • Using less water and fertilizer compared to conventional gardening
  • Exceptional not only in its styling, but self-watering convenience too
  • Design : Introduced an eye-catching, innovative and stylish design
  • Function 1 : Integrated with an exceptional self-watering function
  • Function 2 : Over-watering protection
  • Reduce watering chores – save time and water in irrigation
  • Keep soil well-balanced moist, never too soggy nor too dry
  • Water-level indicator shows when it’s time to refill water
  • Usability, trainability and reliability
  • Anti-mosquito
  • Eliminate over-watering as well as under-watering
  • Maintenance-free
  • Inner Pot can be inserted and removed from the Deco Pot
  • Easy to change plant presentation
  • Design Registered No.: 0901531.6


Additional Information :

  • Download Product Specification Here
  • Planting and Watering Instructions


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